Wine tastings

If you love wine, you are in the right place. Wander the wine cellars and enjoy the charm of a region whose wine is known all over the world.

Tokaj wine region

This geographically closed area of viticulture and winemaking in the Bodrog river basin combines not only the beauty of cellars full of high-quality wine but also the rich history and secrets of the past. The surroundings of this area are ideal for romantic walks through the vineyards. The fairy-tale atmosphere will be perfectly complemented by a glass of amazing wine in a medieval cellar, where you will learn about the history of the origin of wine and the technological procedures of its preparation. Vineyards in this area are registered in the list of National Cultural Monuments of Slovakia. Tokaj offers you a tasting of quality wines, a tasting of excellent traditional home-cooked meals, hiking, cycling, geocaching, various attractions, fairs, and an adventure cruise on the Bodrog River.

Pivnica Orechová

Pivnica Orechová is located in the East Slovak wine-growing region. Its vineyards are planted on the southwestern slopes of the volcanic mountain Vihorlat. The vineyard offers wine tastings in a modern tasting room Hodovňa. In addition to great wines, you can also try homemade gastronomic specialties from organic farming. If you are interested in what lies behind one glass of quality wine, you can take part in a tour of the vineyards with an expert explanation of the history of vineyards and wine production. You can end a wonderful walk through the vineyards by tasting wine in the original underground spaces of the wine cellar at a depth of 12 meters.

Wine tasting in hotel Karpatia

You will also find an irresistible selection of wines directly in hotel Karpatia. You can always choose from a rich selection of wines in our wine bar. Are you in the mood for something special? We will prepare a tailor-made wine tasting for you. Ask about or wine tastings at the reception. We will be happy to prepare an unforgettable sommelier experience for you.