Celebration in hotel Karpatia
A special day deserves special care

Our hotel was made for celebrations!

Is your birthday approaching, are you planning a party with colleagues, do you have an anniversary coming up, or are you planning to have a baptism for your child? There are always plenty of opportunities for good food and the presence of our loved ones. Hotel Karpatia is here not only to make your stay enjoyable, but to also help with the preparations for the celebration, and to ensure everything runs smoothly. We will help you with the choice of premises, decoration, and selection of food or drinks. We have had guests from all over Slovakia at important events for many years and it will be our honor if you celebrate your big day with us.

Why choose hotel Karpatia for your celebration?

We have several beautiful spaces with different capacities.
Our restaurant is a popular destination for gourmets.
We will prepare the whole celebration for you.
The premises are equipped with audio-visual equipment, a projection screen, and microphones.
A wide range of soft and alcoholic drinks will quench your guests’ thirst.
As a part of the celebration, we can organize a tasting of excellent wines.
We are very flexible with time and we will adapt to your plans.
We can arrange a feast on our terrace in case of good weather.
If you are interested, we will also equip you with a DJ and a photographer.
The hotel is right in the center of Humenné, has free parking, and is close to the bus and train stations.
Your guests can stay at our hotel and enjoy the celebration to the fullest.
There is also a wellness and fitness center directly in the hotel.
There are many beautiful places to go to nearby.

Do you have questions or do you want to arrange a date for the celebration?
Contact us and arrange a consultation!

Where can you find us?

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066 01 Humenné

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