by the water

The lakes and water areas of our region will enchant you during any season. And you have a lot to choose from – you will find several popular water areas around the hotel. A pleasant walk, water sports, or swimming – how will you enjoy your day by the water?

Zemplínska šírava

Zemplínska Šírava is the second largest body of water in Slovakia. The water temperature in the summer months reaches an amazing 25 ° C. You can swim not only in Šírava but also in the pools, which are located directly at the reservoir. The area of Zemplínská Šírava has a large number of tropical days and nights, and therefore the ideal conditions for relaxation, swimming, fishing, water sports, and hiking. You will certainly enjoy the various sports activities (beach volleyball, football, water sports such as windsurfing, paddleboarding, boating, kayaking, water skiing, and much more). In winter, the water freezes and becomes a natural ice rink, which is attractive for lovers of winter sports.

Vinianske jazero

Lake Vinné can be found in a forest environment near Zemplínská Šírava. In summer, the water is pleasantly warm. You can also enjoy the water from a new angle and rent a paddleboard or pedal boat. The beautiful nature in the area all year round attracts lovers of tourism. An easy ascent to Viniansky castle with a beautiful view is a popular choice. This location has a lot to offer during every season. Swimming in summer, mushroom picking and fishing in autumn, cross-country skiing, and ice skating in winter.

Water reservoir Domaša

Domaša is a multi-purpose water reservoir, which stretches in the Ondavská Highlands. It is an ideal place for relaxation, family vacations, or water sports. Thanks to its pure green to green-blue water with a temperature of 23 ° C, it has become a popular destination during the summer. Five recreation centers of this water area offer opportunities for sports as well as rental of pedal boats, boats, and other sports equipment. If you are a fan of cycling, you can combine your passion for this sport with cooling off by the water.

Water reservoir Starina

Starina is located in the Poloniny National Park and is the largest reservoir in Central Europe. It supplies drinking water to almost the whole of eastern Slovakia. As it is an important source of drinking water, it is forbidden to swim, boat, catch fish, camp around it or approach its shores. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its beauty! At the southern tip of the reservoir, there is a viewpoint that provides a beautiful panoramic view of the reservoir. The nature around Starina offers a wide range of hiking opportunities, but only for more experienced tourists.

Natural swimming pool Sninské rybníky

The area of the Sninské rybníky swimming pool is located in the beautiful nature of the Vihorlat Mountains on the outskirts of the town of Snina. This organic swimming pool was built as the second one of its kind in Slovakia. It uses the technology of self-purification of water using plants and algae in a separate pool. Children can go crazy on the slides and swings right in the pool. The complex has grassy areas for relaxation, playgrounds for sports activities (beach volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, and table tennis), playgrounds, and various accommodation and catering services. The surrounding nature offers space for walks or hiking to “Umartem”, Sninský rock, or the volcanic lake Morské oko.

Morské oko

Morské oko (meaning the Sea eye) is a lake created by volcanic activity. Thanks to its crystal clear water it has become a jewel of the Vihorlat Mountains. It is a perfect place for relaxation, a romantic walk, a hike in magical nature, or a bike ride.

Natural swimming pool Lackovce

The organic swimming pool Lackovce is located in the beautiful nature on the outskirts of the village of Lackovce. It is a bio-swimming pool where visitors can relax, get their endorphins pumping with sports (swimming, volleyball, football, golf) and enjoy a shared barbecue in wooden gazebos. Lovers of fishing will also enjoy themselves. The complex provides various types of catering services.

Swimming pool Humenné

You will find this popular swimming pool located just a short walk from hotel Karpatia – in the sports zone of Humenné. The complex has a mini-golf course, beach volleyball court, basketball court, playground, and swings. For children, there is a 37-meter-long water slide and a mini-pool with two slides. There are also sun loungers, barbecue facilities, and several fast-food buffets available to visitors. There is also an indoor swimming pool which is open all year round.