and cyclotourism

Put on a pair of comfortable shoes or hop on a mountain bike and discover the beauty of our region. We bring you tips regarding the most popular destinations for nature and fresh air lovers.


Near the town of Humenné are the ruins of the castles Vinné, Brekov, Janesov and Čičva. Breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside are worth a slight climb and the whole family can handle the route. In the summer season, the castles come to life and you can gaze into the past and everyday life in the castle courtyard. Enjoy the medieval atmosphere and look into the secrets of period crafts such as blacksmithing, pottery, and woodworking.

Poloniny National Park

Poloniny National Park is a popular tourist destination thanks to the untouched nature of the Bukovské mountains. You can go for easy walks in the Gazdoraň nature reserve, but also for more difficult ascents to Jarabá rock (1,199 m above sea level) or the highest peak of the Bukovské hills – Kremenec (1,221 m above sea level).
If you are an enthusiastic cyclist, do not miss a visit to Poloniny, which offers cycling routes of varying difficulty. The most popular are the Carpathian Road II (40 km), the surroundings of the Starina reservoir (57 km), but also the cycling route along the Vihorlat Ridge or the Humenská cycling route (28 km).

Protected landscape area Vihorlat mountains

One of the many unforgettable moments that you will experience in the Vihorlat Mountains is the ascent to Sninský rock (1006 m above sea level). You can start from three places (Zemplínske Hámre, Remetské Hámre, and Sninské Ponds) and even children can handle it. A pleasant walk around the volcanic lake Morské oko is guaranteed to enchant you!
The highest peak of the Vihorlat Mountains is Vihorlat (1075.5 m.n.m). It is an idle extinct volcano, which is a part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

Quarries Skrabské a Beňatina

If you want to enjoy the clear turquoise water and nature reminiscent of the scenery of the Wild West, including the flooded quarries Skrabské and Beňatina in your itinerary. During the summer months, you can also pack a swimsuit in your backpack – quarries are a popular place for swimming. Be careful, however, you won’t find lifeguards by the lakes.

Carpathian wooden road

Have you heard of the Carpathian wooden road? It is more than 300 kilometers long and you will discover almost 50 beautiful examples of wooden sacral architecture. It starts in the Tatras and ends right here, in the villages of Upper Zemplín. If you do not have time for the entire route, at least visit our wooden churches, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.