Price list
of Karpatia Relax services

Gift certificates

You can buy vouchers for entrance to wellness online.

Wellness price list

2-hour wellness entry (sheet, towel)   20,00 €
1-hour wellness entry (sheet, towel)   10,00 €
Every new hour     4,00 €
Private wellness (max. 4 people)
between 12 AM – 2 PM (2 hours) 120,00 €
between 10 PM – 12 PM (2 hours) 120,00 €

Fitness price list

One time fitness entry 2,00 €

Massage price list

Various types of massage techniques are applied in the offer of our massages.
Before the massage, we recommend warming up the body in the infrared sauna, which prepares the body for the massage. For each massage, you can order or pay extra at the reception, a 30-minute entrance to the wellness center (recommended infrared sauna before the massage) worth 5,00 €.

20-minute massage (back, cervical spine) 18,00 €
30-minute massage (lower back, back, cervical spine lying down and sitting) 25,00 €
45-minute massage (feet, legs from behind, lower back, back, cervical spine lying and sitting) 35,00 €
60-minute massage (feet, front and back legs, lower back, back, hands, cervical spine lying and sitting) 42,00 €
70-minute massage (feet, front and back legs, abdomen, lower back, chest, back, cervical spine lying down and sitting and head massage) 48,00 €

*each massage can be extended according to the masseuse’s time availability, the price of a 10-minute extension is 10,00 €

*The gift certificate holder can choose any massage from our offer. The amount of the given massage will be gradually deducted from the credit stated on the gift certificate. The gift certificate is transferable and can be used for multiple visits. If the value of the massages exceeds the amount stated on the voucher, the holder will pay the remaining amount. We do not give out change from the value of the gift certificate.

Price list valid from 01.04.2024