Čsl. Armády 26, 066 01 Humenné, Slovensko, +421 57 7861 888, recepcia@hotel-karpatia.sk

Weddings and Events


It is an honor for us to survive with you one of the most important and most beautiful days of your life. Luxuriously appointed hotel Karpatia offers you several options tastefully and stylishly choreographed spaces with a guarantee romantic and pleasant atmosphere. It is a promise of excellence that date. Your wedding day of preparation to the smallest detail, take care of your comfort and fulfill all ideas about the perfect celebration of love.

Family Celebrations

In the air-conditioned rooms we can arrange all kinds of celebrations of weddings, anniversaries, christenings, graduation celebrations post-secondary meetings, 1st receptions with whom we have big experience. If you are interested we are happy to advise in the selection celebration menu and we will arrange a complete service.


Celebrate entry into adulthood in elegant hotel spaces of hotel Karpatia, where this unforgettable evening will forever engrave in memory. Luxuriously appointed hotel offers several stylish and elegantly choreographed spaces to guarantee a festive atmosphere, which promises excellence that date. Graduations prepare to the smallest detail, to look after your comfort and fulfill all requirements.
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