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Local Activities

City of Humenne and the region of Horny Zemplin


Hotel Karpatia is situated in the city of Humenné (36 000 citizens), which is located in the Humenné basin, just underneath the junction of the rivers Laborec and Cirocha. The city is surrounded with a beautiful and majestic nature of the East Carpathian Mountains, Vihorlat mountain range of volcanic origin, Low Beskydy and Humenné hills in the altitude of 157 m.

Humenné is the most important city in the region of Horny Zemplin, in the past it was also an important industrial centre. Around 80 000 inhabitants live in this area. Based on the average age of the inhabitants (only 33 years) Humenné is one of the youngest cities in Slovakia and in Central Europe. Polish borders are in the distance of 45 km from the city, Ukrainian borders are in the distance of 25 km. Humenné is an important railroad and road junction. In addition to direct train connections in Slovakia, Humenné is also a stop of international trains.

Tourist attractions:

Museum of Modern Art of Andy Warhol in Medzilaborce
(by car/bus – 40 minutes from Humenne) Museum of Modern Art of Andy Warhol was established in September 1st, 1991. Initiated by John Warhola, Dr. Michal Bycko, PhD., F. Hughes, V. Protivňák, Spoločnosť Andyho Warhola and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in New Yorku, it was created as an above the region specific institution characterized as a museum-gallery. It focuses mostly on current trends in modern art and especially life and art of Andy Warhol. The museum in Medzilaborce presents three permanent exhibitions of Andy Warhol arts and precious artifact related to artist’s origin which were lent by his family relatives and friends.More information

Renaissance Castle with a Park

(walk – 10 minutes from the hotel)
Today, the residence of Vihorlat museum and a cultural monument, the renaissance castle with its park, dating back to the 14th century, is the most prominent feature of the city of Humenné. Art and historical exhibition, gallery of Ugrian kings, the Chinese room, a weapon collection and a unique treasure of Celtic and Dacian coins from the 2nd century BC are located here. Rare woody plants can be found in the neighbouring garden. More information

Exhibition of Folk Architecture and Housing
(walk – 10 minutes from the hotel)
Almost in the centre of the city lays the area of the Exhibition of Folk Architecture belonging to the Vihorlat museum. Exhibition is located in the former Earl greenhouses in an attractive and indented terrain similar to the character of the region Horny Zemplín. The exhibition comprises 15 buildings together with a small wooden church. The main building materials were wood, clay, stone and straw. The exhibition offers a complete Picture of the character of folk architecture and is without a question a part of the cultural heritage and an exhibition of the simple life of villagers.More information
Wooden Churches

Unique set of wooden churches can be found in north-eastern part of Slovakia. More information

  • Jasenov castle
  • Brekov castle
  • Čikov castle
  • Michalovský castle (Vinian castle)
Poloniny National Park
Poloniny National Park lies in the north-eastern part of Slovakia, on the border with Poland and Ukraine. In 1993, UNESCO declared this part of the protected area International Biosphere Reserve of the Eastern Carpathians. More information
Sports fields in Humenne:
  • swimming pool, sauna, outdoor and indoor tennis courts,
  • wellness: massages, biotherik – dry carbon dioxide bath for immunity stimulation, lymphodrainage, slender life, spinning, infracabin, steam herbs box, detox, parafango, sea mud, massaging machine Rollen.
Sports fields within 15 km radius:
  • ski resorts: Parihuzovce, Ulič a Ruské,
  • paragliding,
  • horse riding: Brekov, Chlmec, Porubka,

More information about tourist attractions is available at the hotel reception desk or at website.


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