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Surroundings  of Humenného gives many opportunities to use the bike for hiking and even for less demanding and more sophisticated to very demanding track.

Currently the most used routes for cycling from Humenného offer insights not only for pleasantness Humenné but also near and far surroundings. They give cyclists the opportunity to check your strength and abilities.

Bike trails:

  • C1: Humenné, Hažín n/C., Lackovce, Humenné (easy course – 7 km.)
  • C2: Humenné, Podskalka, Ptičie, Kamienka, Kamenica n/C., Humenné (undemanding track with elevation – 19 km)
  • C3: Humenné, Chlmec, hrad Jasenov, Jasenov, Humenné (demanding track with elevation of the castle – 13 km)
  • C4: Humenné, Myslina, Gruzovce, Volovské rybníky, Brestov, Humenné (demanding track with multiple elevations – 15 km)
  • C5: Humenné, Hažín n/C., Kamenica n/C., Dlhé n./C. – Trist, Humenné (track more challenging, relatively long, but easy height – 36 km)
  • C6: Humenné, hrad – Brekov, Brekov, Humenné (demanding track with elevation of the castle– 15 km)
  • C7: Humenné, Porúbka, Vinianský hrad, Vinné jazero, Humenné (difficult track with many elevations– 40 km)
  • C8: Humenné, Porúbka, jazero Vinné, Zemplínska šírava, Jovsa, Remetské Hámre, Morské oko, Humenné (very difficult track for experienced bikers– 70 km)
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