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Sninský Stone and Sea Eye

For lovers of rocky peaks and distant views we have a tip for a trip. Vihorlat mountain is our easternmost volcanic mountains and its east-west direction separating the Eastern plains in the south of Ondavská hills to the north. As the highest peak – 1076 m Vihorlat. n. m. lies in the military protection zone is currently the most attractive tourist Sninský stone – 1005 m. n. m..Sninský stone law is one of the most beautiful natural formations in the mountains around Vihorlat.

Access to the peak is accessible from both directions – from the north of Snina ponds (260 m.n.m.) along the blue – about 8 km. From the south is about 8 km route along the forest asphalt road from Sobrance to Sea Eye (618 m.n.m.) and then about 4 km to the top (or the car to the parking lot under the Sea Eye). The shortest but most difficult route leads along the green trail from Zemplinske Hamre. You can park just before the quarry (450 m. N. M.) At the upper end of the village and from there steadily climb to the summit – elevation 550 m in the area about 2.2 km.


Suburban resort 3 km from Humenného with pond and cottage-colony.

Slovenská Volová

Resort with lakes, a popular area for fishermen and cottagers. The area is situated 7 km northwest of Humenne.

Kids’ camp Lesík – Kamenica nad Cirochou

It is located 13 km east of Humenne near the village of Kamenica Cirochou. Brick cottage, in the central building is the possibility to organize school trips, business meetings and presentations. In the complex there are two playgrounds, fireplace and winter ski lifts, perfect for training beginners.

Crypt of soldiers from World War I. in Osadné

Only 36 km from Humenného is unique crypt soldiers from the 1st World War – the only one of its kind in Slovakia. Tourists who like to discover and experience the places associated with what’s happening in our country during two world wars, they can look back to the village settlements.

NPR Humenský Sokol

It is located on forest land in the cadastral municipality Humenné, ash, and Ptičie Chlmec. Its area is 541, 50 ha. The reason for the declaration of the area as protected was especially authenticity and species richness of its flora and fauna. Nature trail is a “tour”. The route forms a closed circuit with a total horizontal length of 3 km and oblique – genuine about 3.5 km. Total elevation is therefore 257 m. Time tour trail takes about 2-3 hours.


Suburban recreation area on the northern outskirts of the city, accessible from the park at peace Renaissance mansion in Humenne marked hiking trails. It is suitable for easy walking and cycling tours, for off-road runners, Cross-Country Skiing, altitude recreation area is 378 m. n. m .

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