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Hotel Karpatia
The best hotel in town Humenne, Slovakia.
Perfect place for dining
"The Mosaic" we call our restaurant, because of the variability of tastes in a variability of the environment.
for all lovers of cigars, rums and brandys.
with a selection of vintage wines in a cozy interior.
Your dream wedding day in Karpatia hotel.
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Gourmet dinner

The third part of the series of visiting chefs – as part of the jubilee year of the 50th  anniversary of the opening of the Hotel Karpatia with winter menu and Molecular show presented on 02.23.2017 first Slovak TV chef Vojtech Artz. Cooking show seven flavors in direct contact with the guests and was an experience our guests tasted foie gras with black truffle, squid, as well as hot ice cream, or filet mignon with smoked egg yolk.

Video from event


Special lent menu

In April and May , we have prepared for you an imaginative Spring menu in the Restaurant Mozaika, based on the light and healthy seasonal and local ingredients.


New wellness & fitness

Pamper yourself in our newly opened Wellness & Fitness Relax studio. In cozy spa you will chill out and regain your energy. You can relax in four dry and steam sauna, whirlpool and tepidarium. Of course, there is also a wide range of massages. Already opens 10/02/2017.


Group exercises and bodyforming

The Lent period is an ideal time for a lifestyle change. Mold your fi gure to the satisfaction of your own in our Fitness during the group exercises or with the personal trainer. In our restaurant Mozaika we have also prepared the FIT menu offer, especially for you.


Who is in drinking Gin

In our Lobby Bar we have extended our Spirits offer with the highest quality Gins. Since last few years, the Gin has been becoming a very favourite, lifestyle drink, not only for women, but also for men. As a dessert we recommend to you to combine drinking the gin with cookies with cherry sauce.

rum & cigars

Cigar and good quality rum is no longer just the domain of winners and success. This heady moment with your friends can indulge each of you. We have prepared a selection of cigars and rums that can now be enjoyed in our new Smoking Bar.

Regional premium spirits

Our exclusive Slovak regional varietal spirits compete with top world spirit produers. Delicious fruit transformation into pure fruit spirit of Bird valley will delight you. In our hotel you can taste the most precious fruit spirit from fruits of Chequers from the only one producer in the world. Annually it distilled only 200 bottles of delicacies. We also offer non-traditional spirits typical for our region as Cornelian brandy, Blackthorn brandy or Quince destilate.