Čsl. Armády 26, 066 01 Humenné, Slovensko, +421 57 7861 888, recepcia@hotel-karpatia.sk


Celebrate entry into adulthood in elegant hotel premises Carpathians, where this unforgettable evening will forever engrave in memory. Luxuriously appointed hotel offers several stylish and elegantly choreographed spaces to guarantee a festive atmosphere, which promises excellence that date. Graduations prepare to the smallest detail, to look after your comfort and fulfill all requirements


• Mosaic elegant restaurant with a capacity of 60 persons, which will provide the perfect romantic atmosphere in the summer months with the possibility of sitting on the terrace. Guests will have the opportunity to look up from the original fresco painter and also a native of Nicholas Humenné Klimčák the 1966th

• Conference hall with a capacity of about 110 persons and the possibility of using space lobby bar, smoking lounge and terrace.

• Connect the convention hall and lobby bar creating a capacity up to 130 persons.

However, if you organize a wedding in a smaller circle of immediate family, we provide free wedding salons with a capacity of 30 people.


Festive menu is tailored to your individual needs. We are prepared to satisfy the highest demands. For inspiration, we will be sent on request several kinds of typical special menu or you can choose to feast buffet. If you are interested, we also offer a tasting menu proposed.


Choose decorations that fits your taste and liking. Hotel Karpatia offers a wide selection of color options, covers with bows or light wall.


We’ll prepare your prom to the smallest details. Further questions will be happy to answered by manager of hotel.

Contact: +421 57 7861 888, recepcia@hotel-karpatia.sk

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